Jayant Wad
Rhein Chemie, Lanxess India


Anti Reversion Chemicals & Specialties for Rubber Applications


The role of Anti- reversion agents in thermal degradation of sulfur based vulcanizates based on NR, SBR, BR & blends, is of significance to  avoid  reversion  at higher temperatures,  or  reversion  which  takes place when vulcanizate are  subjected to dynamic stress.


Reduction / Elimination of reversion of vulcanizates, by the incorporation of specific additives or cross linkers is general demand of rubber industry


LANXESS is offering range of Anti- reversion agents like Vuluren, Perkalink 900 as well as Dithiophosphates which when used,  avoid reversion.


Vulcuren   works during vulcanization providing a less reverting network by introducing crosslinks which are thermally stable, therefore offering higher resistance to reversion.


 Perkalink 900  acts by a different mechanism called as repair mechanism .Polysulfide   crosslinks, when broken, are repaired by forming new crosslinks which are stable .


Dithiophosphates form well distributed network of monosulfidic or disulfidic crosslinks which are predominantly stable.


 By using Anti-reversion agent from LANXESS,  we can achieve  higher mileage , and  longer life..