Pradeep Kumar
Apollo Tyres, India

Tyre Technology – Fast forward to Sustainability

Since its invention, tyre and its technology evolved in a pattern that supported the evolution in automobiles.
With Vehicles becoming more and more efficient, the performance focus is shifting to tyres, where it is expected to
deliver at a different level to realize the potential of the vehicles. Environmental safety requirements and regulations
push for greener and sustainable technologies in transportation and importance of a tyre in deciding the vehicle
performance has never been appreciated in the past as it is at present.

Looking into the future, a major shift will happen towards confluence of various technologies to create a coordinated
performance to ensure synergy. Vehicles and tyres will become a lot more intelligent to make the space of a driver
redundant (atleast in some cases in the not so distant a future). This will force tyre and its technologies make   
fundamental alteration in the way tyres are designed and assembled under a vehicle.

This presentation will be a journey through this evolution to future. I am sure this will be a very interesting topic for
this conference.