Oscar Comajuan
Homologation engineer
Homologation Division of IDIADA

Topic : The contribution of tyre rolling resistance on vehicle emissions and fuel consumption regulations VECTO, WLTP, CO2MPAS.

Sinapse: Nowadays the European regulatory framework is aiming to reduce vehicle fuel consumption and emissions. In this regard, tyres are one of the contributors and current regulations take them into account.

Oscar Comajuan is an homologation engineer of the Homologation Division of IDIADA, which is a technical service located in Spain, designated by several Approval Authorities around the world to conduct vehicle and its components homologations and certifications.

He is the responsible of Indoor Tyre Testing Laboratory inside IDIADA, mainly conducting Rolling resistance tests according to ISO 28580, UN R117.02 and European Labelling, as well as other indoor test Brazilian, North American and Mid-East regulations. Moreover, is also responsible for wheel homologation according to UN R124.

He is the IDIADA delegate and current Secretary of the Expert Group of Laboratory Alignment (EGLA) of the European Commission in Brussels, which is the group that provides advice and expertise to the Commission in relation to the implementation of Regulation (EC) 1222/2009, in particular to perform the laboratory alignment necessary for the measurement of tyre rolling resistance.

He is also Associate Professor in the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) in the MSc. degree of Automotive Engineering.