Jonathan Darab
Director, GCAPS, Sova Motion, USA

Advanced Tire Testing and Model Support Using GCAPS LTRe High Speed Dynamic Test Machine

To aid in reducing both cost and time associated with the production of vehicles and tires, new processes and tools will need to be used, including math modeling of vehicles and accurate tire models, the latter of which is essential to the production of accurate vehicle models. With its load, speed, dynamic, and wet-testing capabilities, the LTRe is a transformational flat belt force-and-moment machine for tire testing. Located at the Global Center for Automotive Performance Simulation (GCAPS), the LTRe allows the center to more rapidly improve tire testing and tire models, including MF and FTire models. In this presentation, several methods for test procedures to support model generation and construction comparisons will be discussed; these new methods increase the accuracy of tire models and offer additional techniques that can be used to make tire and vehicle decisions.