Jan Mark Kop

Gaining productivitly through smart technology

Around 3 billion tyres are produced a year. If we only take 100 litres of oil per average tyre, this equals to 300.000.000.000 million litres of oil a year.  There are 25 different process steps before finishing the production of a tyre. One of those steps is the 100% control of each tyre during production. All of those steps need energy, which equals to another 60 litres of oil per tyre or another 180 billion litres of oil per year.

Even though everybody involved in the production process always tries to optimise the results, we cannot completely eliminate scrap. Annually 3 million tyres are getting marked as scrap. This results in a loss of almost 500 million litres of oil. If we manage to reduce the scrap rate by 10% bringing it down from 1.0% to 0.9%, we could save 15 million dollars and 50 million litres a year.