Hauke Paul
Electronic Systems Spa, Italy

Innovative Measurement and Inspection Systems for Calendar Lines

Although the immense growth of the Indian rubber goods and tire market is a challenge, improvements for the production are mandatory to be at the spearhead of product quality and to have a sustainable business.
Innovative Measuring and Inspection Systems for Calender Lines are not just ensuring the manufacturer to supply best quality products to their customer, they also help avoid waste of material, money and time and by that, they have a direct influence on the success of the producer.
State of the art is to check all relevant product criteria inline during production to enable a fast reaction on the production process and to ensure a maximum of good products being produced.
This presentation gives an overview of gauging systems for direct measurement of skim thickness at calender rolls as well as measurement of total thickness of the sheet after the calendar. Furthermore new X- Ray inspection systems as well as optical systems for evaluating the rubberisation of steel cord and fabric cord are highlighted.