Devdas Suvarna
Bainite, India

Technological Innovations is Rubber Compounding Processing Machines

Bainite has been consistently working on developing new products through its main backbone i.e the Design Department. The Design Department is well equipped with top end softwares like ANSYS, Solid Works, Auto CAD 3D, Solid modelling etc and also the required hardwares.

The top end softwares enables the Design dept to exactly simulate the conditions with respect to machine system component profiles, temperature and media movement and its dynamics inside the machine system during processing. With the help of this strong background, BAINITE ventured upon development of new product lines like Lab Mixer,and Inner Liner Lines and perfectionism in designing very complex extrusion heads etc.  Recently BAINITE developed many new products which are most modern and automated and benefit Industry in achieving higher quality and productivity, keeping in mind the new Rubber Compound Technology and Tire construction in mind. For eg, Twin Screw Sheeters, Mill and Mixer Feeders, Modern Bias Cutter, Variable Speed Bale Cutters, Solid Tyre building machines, Laboratory Mixers, Inner Line etc. Though in this forum we will not be able to explain all of them, we will delve in to two products, ie; Laboratory Mixer and Inner Liner Line.

Laboratory Mixer:

Almost every industry from SME level to the top Tyre companies need to have a laboratory mixer which will give a simulation condition as per the larger compounding lines. This enables them to develop new chemistry and assess the characteristics of the compound constituents. In this context, a laboratory mixer should essentially have same conditions as the larger mixer. The new technology in the larger mixer has variable frequency drives, variable RAM pressure, hydraulically operated drop door system etc.

Accordingly the lab mixer should have all these features in its fold. BAINITE has designed the Lab Mixer keeping this fact in mind with Hydraulic RAM mechanism which has variable pressure, variable RAM speed and it has a VFD drive, Temperature Controller Unit and also a Drop door mechanism and in other words it is a scale down of a Batch production mixer.

A complete Lab Mixer is encased in a beautiful well designed canopy and looks very much like a compact laboratory equipment. The design of the Machine is such that the fly losses are limited to 0.2% and the mixing time and mixing dynamics are in simulation to the bigger mixer. An inhouse lab mixer enables BAINITE to have different configuration of rotors, RAM, door top design and other facets to minimize mixing cycle time and improve the quality of the compound.

Inner Liner Line:

To match the demand of continuous improvement from vehicle manufacturer and law enforcement agencies, modern day tyres are undergoing tremendous quality and technology improvements. Recent development in this regard is Inner Liner Line. As the name indicates, Inner Liner is the Innermost Layer of tyres . Its main functions are to keep high pressure inflation air inside the tyre and maintain the desired pressure. The Inner Liner must be made with an impermeable compound to minimise the heat buildup, deflection and pressure loss.

The Gauge Control and no-defect surface finish are critical to retain air pressure inside the tyres. In most of the lines, two or three layers of Rubber can be assembled at the same time and in hot condition leaving no air pockets between the layers.

Bainite has developed its first Inner Liner Line in 2014 for a very reputed Tyre Company. There are multiple assemblies which could be performed in Inner Liner Line. 2x2 Roll Calender with Feeding Extruders ensures quality rubber sheets. Calender is equipped with all modern technologies like Variable Frequenct Drives, Hydraulic Nips, Automatic Thickness Control System, LVDT, Individual TCUs etc. All the Four Rolls are driven by Individual Motors with VFD to achieve variable frictions between the rolls.

Jacketed type Spiral Cooled Cooling Drums are being provided for optimal cooling. Imported Tensioning and Centering Systems ensure the very tight tolerances achieved between the two or more Rubber sheets assembly.

This line can assemble Inner Liner with Transition Liner and also Ply with two Chafer at a accuracy of +/- 1 mm without any Air Entrapment.

Complete assembly goes to Wind Up station where Sheets get wounded with Liner Let Off Tension Control and Centering System. Two winding stations are provided to ensure continuos operation. Loop Controls and Dancer Mechanism are provided for Synchronisation of different Layers.

The Inner Liner Line is a most modern, user friendly, fully automated and synchronious system with high productivity and consistent high quality.


BAINITE will not stop here. Innovations will continue and going forward, following new products are under advanced development stage.

  • Gear Pump for Extruders
  • Strip Winding Tyre building machines
  • Bale Choppers etc.