Aki Nurminen

Project Manager, Information and Material Flow
MES and Smart Factory Solutions

Topic: Automation, Information and Management through the entire production chain

Megatrends and the need for change
Digitalization basics
Entire solutions for automation, information and management

Aki Nurminen is 43 years old Finnish citizen.

He works in Black Donuts Engineering and lives in Moscow Russia, what is good location for all his business trips of different projects around the globe. His main areas are Material and Information Flow, Simulations, capacities and different MES/Smart Factory solutions. Aki has 25 years’ experience of tire industry and his background is from production shop floor, which gives him practical view of tire production processes. Many years’ experience of production planning/scheduling and R&D activities give wide view of entire production chain of tire manufacturing. Aki belongs to factory design team and his input is used for entire solutions when designing the most modern green field factories.