Juban Thomas

Vice President, Global Testing & Vehicle Dynamics,
CEAT Ltd, India

Topic : Emerging Global Trends in Testing Technology and Our Preparedness

Over the years, we have seen rapid developments and new challenges in Global Auto industry. Now, much of the focus shifts to Electric and Autonomous vehicles. This shift, demands Tyre characteristics as a key for optimised Noise, Ride, Dry & Wet Handling & Braking performance for such new generation vehicles. These demands from Tyre has opened up new concepts of Objective ‘data’ to substantiate the Subjective ‘feel’. This new approach is used to quantify, diagnose and validate the Tyre performance.
For such Developments, CEAT has taken a significantly different approach to test and develop its products compared to the traditional tyre development methods. The Objective test methodologies covers Noise Characteristics, Ride Comfort, Steering Behaviour, Wet & Dry Handling Stability, and Braking Effectiveness. This approach not only aids better understanding of ‘Subjective’ test engineer feedback, but also reduces the lead time of tyre development by setting development direction from a vehicle perspective.