Dr. A. Sahaya Grinspan

Head of Vehicle Systems Technology
Ashok Leyland

Dr. Grinspan is Head of Vehicle Systems Technology in Ashok Leyland. In this role, he leads the organization in conceiving, developing and implementing advanced suspension technologies. He was instrumental in developing the highly successful single and dual tyre lift axles for the organization. He won the prestigious Mahesh Modi award for the former. A mechanical engineer with two decades of experience, he has vast knowledge in automotive, and oil & gas industries. He is an expert R&D engineer but is also well versed with operations and maintenance. Dr. Grinspan has a doctoral degree from IIT Madras, M.Tech from IIT Guwahati, both of which were preceded by AMIE and DME degrees. With 21 patents applied and 1 granted, he is a thought leader and a go-to person when it comes to innovation and patenting. Apart from this, he has also published in 14 leading international journals. Dr. Grinspan maintains a personal collection of almost three thousand engineering books, which consumes most of his time, although his grease stained palms often remind us that he is a hands-on person who has enslaved theoretical concepts for practical applications. When not deeply contemplating on engineering, he does occasionally shift his attention towards gardening and world history.