Why Attend

This will be the 5th successful conference and is considered one of most important and premier conference on manufacturing technology. Held every two years, the ATRC is dedicated exclusively to tire makers and those that serve the industry. Much attention is paid to building an outstanding conference program that provides a real-world experience and solutions. The two-day event combines dedicated special presentations, keynote addresses and panel discussions.

The conference presents the most ideal platform to share ideas an engage in networking opportunity unrivaled within the tire manufacturing sector in Asia. ATRC is known for having a high percentage of attendees who comprise of decision makers, as well as the technical people who influence buying decisions.

Who Should attend

  •  Chairman
  •  CEO
  •  MD
  •  COO
  •  Technical Heads
  •  R&D Heads
  •  Key Account Managers
  •  Consultants
  •  Business Directors
  •  Senior Executives Raw Material & Reinforcement
  •  Scientists and Engineers
  •  Media


Companies that have participated in the past

Apollo, BKT, Bridgestone, CEAT, JK, MRF, Continental, Infinity, Michelin, TVS tyres, Emerald, Falcon, Goodyear,  CIO, GIIB, TOLINS, TVS treads, Vipal, Tyresoles, Velox, Elgi Ford, Hyundai,  VMI, MESNAC, HF, Pelmar, Commerio Ercole, Bainite Machinery, L&T, Conti Machinery, Zepplin, AZ, Pneuform, Inmess, Micropoise, S+S,  Base Automation,  IL&FS,  Reliance, Munch, ISRL, ExxonMobil, EGE Kimya, Tata Steel, Rumal, GRP, Ram Charan, R1 international, Aditya Birla, Madhu Silica, Sabic, Lanxess, Orgkim, HML, Kordsa Global, Black Donuts, Miliken, Struktol, Siemens, Oriental Carbon, Tata Chemicals, OCSiAl, Tenjin,  ATMA, Rubber board, SGX, Tech Sci Research, Frost & Sullivan, TRIB, RTA, IRMA, NASA, ETRMA, RCMA, IISRP, RSDC, ITMA, Akron University,